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Dance instructor Shelby Hager (far right, top) watches as several of her students get airborne during a practice in Provost. Another photo (in the print edition) shows one girl resting at the sidelines while others can be seen in action through large mirrors. Story also in this newspaper. ©Provost News Photos.

Pictures inside the print edition of The Provost News, November 26.

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More pictures, stories can be found in the print edition of The Provost News, November 26, 2014, including:

• Former Resident Melissa Tofsrud First in Women’s Physique Competition

• M.D. Council OKs Purchases at Meetings

• Employment/Careers

• Wildlife Officer Watches Over Annual Hunt for Deer, Moose and Elk

• Cenovus Has OK For TelephoneLake Oil Sands Project

• Alberta Most Attractive Canadian Jurisdiction for Global Oil and Gas Investment

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On the Lookout
Fish & Wildlife Conservation officer Lee Robley looks through binoculars beside his truck on a rural road. He says that hunters require permission from property owners before going onto someone else’s land—and points out that there are fines and suspensions from hunting without that permission. Hundreds of hunters are out during the season, says the officer who has a variety of modern technological tools in his vehicle (like video recording equipment that monitors activity) to help do his job. ©Provost News Photo.

See inside the print edition of The Provost News, November 26.

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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "What’s One Tip for Living a Healthy Lifestyle?"
. . . and readers heard answers from
Selena Paulgaard, Kati Siponen, Layne Flad and Joanne Dewan. Check out the
November 26 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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This, along with many other stories and pictures can be found in this week's edition of TheProvost News.
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