Students Walk Out Over Government “Injustices”

Students at Dr. Folkins School in Chauvin called local media and went out on the street on Wednesday morning, April 17 during class time in an effort to express their opinions on government-teacher relations in jurisdictions across Alberta. Controversial legislation was passed recently by the Alberta Government that sent striking teachers back to work. Because teachers in Buffalo Trail already had a contract in place, they were not directly involved. Many in other jurisdictions have withdrawn extra curricular activities such as sports and extra help after classes. From left: Kendall Edwards, Janel Powell, Brittney Perry, Taija Watson, Monique Benoit and Ashley Cutts. ©Provost News Photo.

Twenty-six students at Dr. Folkins School in Chauvin took to the street in protest over the Alberta Government’s handling of a teachers’ dispute in other jurisdictions across Alberta.

The protest apparently caught teachers by surprise Wednesday morning, April 17.

Grade 9 student Janel Powell told The News during a walk-out from classes that “We are trying to show the government that they are committing injustices, not only to teachers, but to students as well.”

Thousands of teachers went on strike across Alberta recently—but not in Buffalo Trail which includes Chauvin — and were ordered back to work by the provincial government. Since that time many of the teachers declined to do extra curricular activities like sports and other events beyond normal class time.

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Heavy Agenda For M.D. 52

The regular meeting of the Municipal District of Provost No. 52 for April, was held Thursday, April 11, with all councillors present except Larry Swanson. Following is an unapproved summary of the meeting.

Council authorized the following:

To apply for hamlet street assistance in Cadogan for street widening and in Hayter for street oiling in the new subdivision using the M.D.’s own equipment for both projects.

Approve the 2002 road program totalling $1,250,000.

Issue an overweight permit to authorize Enterra Energy Corp. to transport goods that may exceed 75 percent of allowable weight but shall not exceed 100 percent on Range Road 33, 200 metres south from the NE corner of the NE-21-38-3 W4. Enterra is to travel to a maximum speed of 50 kilometres per hour, on the frost if possible and to be responsible for all damages caused to the road.

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