Pumphouse Fire Burns Metiskow Farmer

Ralph Stewart holds up only metal remnants of a shed and pumphouse that burned down on he and his brother’s property north east of Metiskow. Cecil (Ralph's brother) was badly burned as the pair pushed out a tractor amid the flames. Cows, meanwhile come looking for water—but will only be eating snow until a new pump is installed. Cecil remains in an Edmonton hospital. ©Provost News Photo.

A Metiskow farmer has been sent to a burn unit in Edmonton after a fire broke out north east of Metiskow at the Ralph and Cecil Stewart yard on Thursday afternoon, January 17.
Cecil suffered burns to about 20 percent of his body including his face, hands, neck and back when he and his brother Ralph pushed a tractor from out of a burning pumphouse and garage just west of the house.
Flames were discovered coming from the top of the small building at 1:30 p.m. by Ralph who looked out of the house as he was making dinner. Cecil had been outside sawing wood and did not know the building was on fire.
The two bachelors immediately worked to get the tractor from the shed and Ralph says they “did pretty good to get it out.” In addition to the burns, around $3,000 in property damage was sustained. They did not carry insurance on the shed that also contained a watering pump system for their cattle and some motors.
He feared that if it was windy the fire would have spread to the nearby barn.
Ralph suspects that the fire was ignited by a tank heater inside the building.
They live about 20 miles north west of Provost and police, firemen and neighbours offered help that afternoon.
The ambulance was called to take the injured man to Provost. He later was then taken to the University of Alberta Hospital burn unit in Edmonton where he is being treated, said friend Steve McEachern who has been to the hospital several times to check on his progress.
Ralph said that one day Cecil’s eyes were swollen shut.

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