Students Returning from World
Conference Want More Trees, Parks
Cody McNalley (left) points to Victoria, B.C. where he and Chance Reinhart (right) spent a few days to take in the Children’s Conference on the Environment. They both met students from around the globe and took in workshops, field trips and presentations. ©Provost News Photo.

Provost Public School sixth graders Chance Reinhart, age 12, and Cody McNalley, age 11, attended the International Children’s Conference on the Environment which took place May 21 - May 25 in Victoria, B.C.

Reinhart and McNalley went to the conference with their mothers and stayed at the University of Victoria campus.

During their sample of the west coast they took part in field trips and even challenged the governments in the world to help the environment. They challenged the governments to sign the Kyoto Protocol, manufacture more electric cars, and to plant two trees for every one cut down. Other issues that were raised included protecting the environment by using the three Rs: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle.

When asked what they would like to see done locally McNalley said “I would like more trees planted at the school, and to have recycling picked up more often.” Reinhart agreed and added “I’d like to see more gardens and parks.”

A number of delegates from around the world made PowerPoint presentations involving ideas to help the environment. Ideas that stuck in the minds of Reinhart and McNalley was to “shut off your vehicle when waiting to pick up your children, and recommended a ‘No Idle Zone’ which is a good idea” they said.

The two elementary students were informed about the conference by former PPS teacher Lois Johnson whom had found out from Ducks Unlimited. Johnson nominated Reinhart and McNalley and they each had to write a 500 word essay to be considered.

Reinhart said the best part about it “was I did solar cooking in one little workshop.” Meanwhile McNalley enjoyed visiting the different schools, touring the classrooms and having fun with other students.

McNalley agreed with Reinhart when he said that the worst part was when “We had to wake up so early for breakfast, and the food was cold, because we were the second group to get at it.”

They both wanted to attend because they thought it’d be a good experience, to learn about the environment and to meet new friends.

The two made friends from Iceland, Malaysia, Kenya and Los Angeles.

Another conference will be held in New London, Connecticut in 2003.

They were sponsored by local corporations who paid for their flights and the cost of attending the conference.

When asked what stood out in their minds most from their trip they both said “It was very green over there” which should make everyone in the Provost area green — green with envy.

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