Back to School at Age 46: Some Thought I Was Crazy

Dave Levitt takes his usual position at the front of the room at the board. He recently finished university, switching careers to find himself back in the classroom. ©Provost News Photo.

Provost High School graduate back in 1971 and then a farmer for a few decades, David Levitt thought hard—and then at age 46 packed his bags and went back to school. Now he’s teaching it.

“Life’s always a surprise, you never know” Levitt says when asked if he thought about being a student, then a farmer, then a student and then a teacher.

The decision to return to university was a hard one for the Hayter farmer he says in an interview with The Provost News. “It was risky, especially with a family.” Some of his friends thought he was crazy, some thought hehad guts to go back to class when his hair was turning grey. His family however was supportive but his father Norman had reservations.

When Levitt was in his first year in Edmonton attending the University of Alberta and riding a bus he once stopped to think “why was I doing this?”

He wondered how he was going to be treated by classmates young enough to be his children so he was a little anxious when he first showed up. But he was treated “very well”. The key was...

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RCMP Seek Public’s Help in Theft of Cattle Drugs from Feedlot

This picture shows the image of a boot print that someone left
behind as they forced a door open. Provost RCMP are looking
for the thieves. ©Provost News Photo.

RCMP in Provost are investigating the theft of approximately $9,000 worth of drugs
and implants that are used in the cattle industry.

Ribstone Creek Feeders Inc. a half mile north of Czar had bottles worth $500 each stolen. The drugs are used to treat cattle with respiratory disease. Also missing are 1500 ear implants that contain hormones.

Manager of the operation, Calvin Sayer said that he was at work at 5:30 a.m. Friday, April 19 and at first did not notice anything unusual. An hour later someone asked him about the door being unlocked and he investigated further to find the missing supplies.
A locked door had been kicked open. Police suspect that thieves will try to sell the goods to unsuspecting feedlots or farmers.

Sayer says that the thieves probably knew what they wanted when they broke in. Other items were left behind. He says that nothing like this had ever happened there before.

There are approximately 10,000 head of cattle at the feed-lot.

Meanwhile between the evening of April 13 and the morning of April 14 a complaint was received regarding a break and enter to a shop north of Provost.
RCMP say that thieves stole stereo equipment and some pipe wrenches four and one half miles north on Highway 899, one mile west and a quarter mile south.

Anyone with information regarding these break and enters is asked to call the Provost RCMP or to contact Crime Stoppers.

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School Board to Vote on High Speed Internet
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Kinettes Organize Car Seat Clinic, Fingerprinting For Youngsters
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Street Spokesman
"Why Should We Recycle?" and "Who's Going To Win The Stanley Cup This Season?" are the questions this week.
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