School’s In
Classes finally got underway for Provost Public School students on Monday morning, September 9. Opening was delayed this fall because of a construction project at the school. Photo shows temporary classroom set up in the Agriplex begins to fill up with students from K to Grade 5 as a parent looks on. ©Provost News Photo.

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Teachers in Place For New Term
Teachers hired for the 2002/2003 school year include:
Provost Public School
Bob Hawriliuk, principal, Brad Pylypow, vice-principal. Cindy Pylypow and Dawn Doetzel, Kindergarten. Elementary teachers: Pauline Christensen, Rita Walz, Grade 1; Patti Gette, Myrna Southoff, Laureen Clarke-Rennie, Grade 2; Stacy Brouwer, Elyscha Martin, Grade 3; Lynn Stevenson, Grade 3/4; Teresa Brokofsky, Grade 4; Tracy Smith, Grade 5; Linsay Zavlanos, Grade 5/6; Maryanne Oxamitny, Vern Tessman, Grade 6; Anita Lawes, Special Ed.

Junior/Senior High teachers: Maureen Fossen, Doreen Slater, Colleen Kilkus, Pat Vaughan, Tom Degenstien, Louis Johnson, Lucie Trutnau, Brock Bartlett, Sherrilyn Pahlke, Doug Page, Brad Wagner, Celeste Matovich and Meridith Lovell.
Instructional Assistants: Darlene Currie, Mary Lou McInnis, Roxy Reinhart, Sheila Fleck, Aylene Jago, Terri-Lynn Culleton, Jackie Hurlbut, Stacie Goddard, Kim Pickard and Dianne Westvelt.

St. Thomas Aquinas School
Jean McClean, principal and elementary teacher; Frances Stang, vice-principal and

Junior/Senior teacher; Verna Sand, Kindergarten; Natasja Matagora and Loreen Gartner, Special Ed.; Geralynn Fleck, Grade 1; Kerry Drader, Grade 2; Nancy Baker, Grade 3; Bev Yeo, Grade 4; Elaine Willette-Larsen, Grade 5; Sheldon Tameling, Grade 6;

Junior/Senior High teachers: Fran Stang, Brad Cosgrove, Theresa Page, Susan Sumner, Dwayne Coffey, Brent Appel, Tylene Appel.
Teacher Aides: Tara Ference, Cheryl Gramlich, Sue Wol-kowski.
Amisk School
Sabrina Wilson and Ruth Ball, Grades 1 and 2; Lara Stone, Grades 3 and 4; Chris McIntyre, Grades 5 and 6; Mike Haws, Grades 7 and 8.

Czar School
Lenore Foster, Grades 1, 2 and 3; Connie Wuest, Grades 4, 5 and 6; Julie Motley secretary/teacher assistant; Erin Motley, teacher assistant and Wayne Arnold, principal.

Hughenden School
Lynn Manning, Grades 1 and 2; Colette Johnson, Grades 3 and 4; Tammy Adams, Grades 5 and 6; Kelly Bodurka, LA 7, 8, 9 and Science 7, 8; Tyler Fehrenbach, Social 7, 8, 9; Susan Campbell, Science 9/10/24, Biology 20/30, Chemistry 20/30; Grant Collins, Industrial Ed 7/8/9, HPS Manufacturing (CTS), Psychology and Sociology 30, Sci 14 Social 20/23/30/33; Marilyn Hausser, Resource Room; Gary Luciow, English 10/13/20/23/30/33, Art 10/20/30, Film Study 20; Dale Mitchell, Principal, Phys. Ed. 7/8/9/20 Hana Morgan, elementary music, Pure Math 10/20/30, CTS Com-puters and paper based modules; Cody Riley, elementary Phys. Ed., Phys. Ed. 10/30, Computers 7/8/9, Health 7/8/9, and Math 8; Tamara Sowa, Home Ec, Grade 3 Math and LA, some Resource Room; Rick Roberts, Math 9/24, Applied Math 10/20/30, Physics 20/30, Social 10/13, Geography 30.
Instructional Assistants: Debbie Almberg, Rita Fornwald, Maureen Hughes, Teresa Motley, Carrie Peacock and Brenda Taylor.

Dr. Folkins Community School, Chauvin
Laura Kelley, ECS/Special Ed.; Heather Seim, Grades 1 and 2; Brenda Chapman, Grades 3 and 4; Darleene Skinner, Grades 5 and 6; Bernice Moffat, Junior/Senior English Language Arts; Curt Orbeck, Senior High Math and Phys. Ed.; Carol Benoit, CTS and Junior High Home Ec.; David Levitt, Junior/Senior Sciences; Tarla Watson, Junior/Senior Social Studies; Calvin Anhorn, principal, Junior Math, Health and Phys. Ed. and Sr. High CALM;
Instructional Assistants, Beverly Perry and April Arneson.

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Street Spokesman
We asked: "Are You Looking Forward To Going Back To School?"
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