Chalk of Fame

Students from both Provost Public and St. Thomas Aquinas schools hit the streets with coloured chalk in hand and found outdoor canvasses made of concrete that they promptly sketched with names of volunteers. The walk of fame exercise was organized by the Community Response and Awareness Committee in a bid to recognize local people during National Volunteer Week. ©Provost News Photos.

Respect to People, Property Lacking in Community—Group
Provost is lacking in respect to people and property say members of a new group that wants attitudes changed.

Ruth Pahlke and Laurie Ward met with The News editor recently to talk about a new group called PERC, that stands for Promoting and Encouraging Respect in our Community.

Pahlke says the group originated from school council issues at Provost Public School. It’s believed that many lack of respect problems were contributing to school problems.

Ward says she thinks it’s also a provincial and world problem and “we want to change our community.”
The pair say that attitude problems are almost becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Examples of problems include vandalism and poor sportsmanship that spills over to other parts of community life. Pahlke says that she had a caretaker from the arena tell her that he could see where Provost fans sat in the arena because it was the dirtiest area “it’s where the garbage is” and the person at the arena said that it was “disgusting.” Pahlke says that teachers have to deal with some of the attitude problems.

Wards says that “we want our children to go out and feel safe (physically) and also in an emotional manner.”

She adds that she is looking for a 1950s lifestyle where the neighbours connect and worry about your kids and their own and . . . look out for each other.”

Ward also spoke at a recent Provost and District Chamber of Commerce meeting to inform the business community and to get them on-side with what their group is promoting.

There are about a dozen members in PERC with Pahlke as chairman.

She wonders if part of the problem should be blamed on “women’s lib” since women are now treated like men, much of the respect is gone. And more men are welcome to join PERC because “maybe we would get more respect if men were present.” Meetings are open to anyone.

Pahlke says that the problem not only originates with children “it’s the way parents attack coaches” for example, she says. “If we are not winning, you are a bad coach” attitude has been present. “The coach should be supported regardless.” The problem can also show up in adult teams.

Funding for the group is not a high priority at this time but money may be needed later, depending on community reaction and how far this issue is taken.

Ward sums up her feelings: Most of us turn a blind eye to problems, but if my child is out there doing something (bad) I want to know about it. Pahlke states that she “is sure” that there is a lack of discipline at home when the children are young. And it’s not just the children . . .“maybe it’s what we’ve done the last 30, 40, 50 years” to see what is showing up today.

Their group is open to new ideas.

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