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Clergy Organizing New Food Bank Service
Different From Christmas Hampers, Starts Next Month
A new food bank in Provost to begin operations in town next month will be operated by the clergy of the Provost Ministerial Association.

The Provost Ministerial Association Food Bank is being created because of a genuine need, says spokesman Pastor Andy Wiebe.

For some people to see such a group formed it may not make sense, says the pastor of the Provost Community Church “because there’s so much work around.” But he points out, the need for a food bank can be driven by unforeseen needs such as a medical emergency or a single parent that may be having trouble coping.

The Provost Ministerial Association has over the years operated a voucher program that will continue to operate in tandem with the new food bank.

Vouchers may still be handed out to people here or to transients who need immediate help for items like fresh eggs and milk—but no candy or tobacco products will be offered.

The food bank, to be set up mainly for local residents has already been called upon to supply three people with items.

Wiebe says there may not be a heavy use of the food bank “maybe 10 people a year” but on the other hand he notes some of those people could be repeat users, depending upon circumstances. The Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) have dealt with people that require assistance as well and those people might soon be directed to the new food bank.
People who use such services, says the pastor are those who don’t usually have any money or are between benefits expected. “Most people are very appreciative of the service.”

Space has been donated in town to keep a supply of canned goods and frozen food. “We also have had some frozen meat donated at different times, which is very helpful.”

This food bank is a new endeavor and the Ministerial Association is trying to give people more than just a voucher.

Generally with such a voucher or food program people are helped with short term needs and suggestions can be made to recipients if help beyond food is asked for.

Most of the users are expected to be in Provost and might be a single parent who can not work because of caring for young children—or if a person is laid up because of a medical condition —then aid would be offered if someone lets the clergy know.

The food bank will operate year around with a formal system to be put in place.

The food bank is different from the Christmas hamper project that includes some basic food items for a Christmas dinner along with small presents. FCSS may offer some extra items it has to the food bank.
People can help with the new organization by donating dried or canned food or even cash. The Blades senior hockey club will have boxes put out in the arena so people can drop off food items on December 17 and on January 7.

If the need is shown the operation can include others from within the M.D. 52, says Wiebe.

In certain instances the Ministerial Association has even paid for a motel or hotel night for those in distress—but they also have a list of some names of people who try to take advantage of the situation—and those people will not be given food or lodging.

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