New Fire Truck Has Remote
Controlled Water Nozzle
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Group Recieves Funding from M.D. and Town
Councils for Archeological-Tourism Project
A three-way meeting of approximately 17 people was held on Thursday at noon, February 12 when the Town of Provost and the M.D. 52 councils heard a nearly one hour long presentation from the newly-formed Bodo Archeological Society.

Lee Walz of Bodo, Robert Hahn of Czar and Kim Larson and Rich Holmes of Provost made presentations to the councils pointing out the need for dollars for an archeological project that they hope would also become a tourist destination for this area.

Councillors were informed in the M.D. administration building that $120,000 is needed to help pay for a back-log of archeological cataloguing, analysis and reporting required by Alberta Community Development before it issues new excavation and research permits for the Bodo sites.

Later that day the M.D. of Provost No. 52 and the Town of Provost councils each decided to grant up to $60,000 for the project.
Tom Schneider, who is an M.D. councillor and a member of the Bodo Archeological Society told The News editor (who is also president of the society) in a brief interview on February 13 that the M.D.’s motion to grant the money was voted on with six out of seven councillors in favour. M.D. councillor Len Kjos who was in an Edmonton hospital awaiting surgery, voted by telephone.

The M.D.’s money is contingent upon the Town of Provost also offering up to $60,000 to the society.
Administrator for the M.D., Iris Larson said that the motion made by the M.D. reads that they would “contribute once only up to $60,000 to the Bodo Archeological Society conditional to the Town of Provost contributing at least an equal contribution for the 2004 program. Any Community Initiatives grant monies received will reduce the Town and M.D. contribution equally.”

The society had earlier applied for a provincial Community Initiatives (lottery fund) grant for $75,000 but no word on acceptance has yet been heard.

Chief administrative officer of the Town of Provost, Terry Hurlbut meanwhile confirmed that a motion was made at the town’s regular meeting on February 12 to participate in the project. The motion reads in part: . . .“the Town of Provost will provide up to $60,000 to the Bodo Archeological Society, conditional to the M.D. of Provost matching the donation and this is to be considered a one time donation toward assisting in the future economic development of East Central Alberta.”

Six members at the town council meeting that night, including the mayor, voted in favour of the move. One councillor was absent.

Walz spoke to the two councils about the dwindling of businesses and services in the hamlet of Bodo and the importance of such a project as being proposed by the new society.

Kim Larson talked about the significance of tourism and the impact it could have on the area. He noted that this site is vastly larger than Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump in southern Alberta that attracts thousands of people annually. Think, he said, if only a tenth of those numbers of people visit this area, what it would mean to the local economy. “I am excited” about this project.

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