Season's Greetings
Mother nature coats a fence with a hoarfrost in Provost late December 2005. ©Provost News Photo.
Photo in December 21 edition of The Provost News.
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Editor’s 2005 Christmas Wish List
• A new western police academy located right here that would stimulate the economy of this part of east central Alberta.

• An improved Provost News.

• A set date for federal elections in Canada, once every three years. Early April would be okay.

• A change to immigration policies so businesses in rural Canada can get eager immigrants past miles of red tape to fill jobs.

• The museum group overcoming financial shortfalls and getting a new building running.

• Another nine holes added to the already beautiful golf course.

• A senior hockey club back on the ice.

• No more people pointing guns towards others and then pulling the trigger.

• The owner of the “elevator road” to arrange to keep it smooth and mud-free, even though it is not used by grain trucks anymore, nor is it technically a public street, but is used as one.
• A card of thanks sent to those who do so many things that are often taken for granted. Like: the guy who arranges fuel for use in your vehicle or house; the waitress who hands you a hot meal; the truck driver who hauls so many needed products; those who teach others; the good guys who are out on patrol for the bad guys at 3 a.m.; the physicians, ministers, nurses, helpers and others who give up important times—like Christmas Day—to serve the sick and elderly; those who use humour; our creative artists and musicians.

• Ten points for the local Communities in Bloom group for putting up the mini “Christmas trees” in flowerpots downtown.

• People to remember the now disbanded Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Legion for their dedication to community, and along with Legion members for efforts recognizing the many men and women who served while Canadians were at war so long ago.

• A long life for the refurbished cannons back home guarding the front of the Legion Hall.

• Compliance to the spirit of new and healthier smoking regulations that will soon help clear the air across the land.

• All, not just some of the highway lights on the east side of town in working condition.

• A vote of thanks to local councils and others who serve on volunteer boards or agencies for, yes, you are truly appreciated.

• A new prime minister landing at the runway here and announcing that we now own a tropical island and each of us gets one free visit there —instead of using more of our cash on the absolutely silly gun registration. We’d save money.

• An energy-efficient multi-use monolithic recreation facility erected soon, since families and workers are drifting to larger centres with more amenities when choosing a community. Now if a landowner directly west of Hillcrest Lodge would kindly sell 15 or 20 acres, the unique structure would be automatically displayed to thousands of Highway 13 and Highway 600 users, not hidden away at the fairgrounds. But more importantly—with an underground walk-way from a newly-energized and expanded Hillcrest complex holding more residents, coupled with new nearby seniors’ apartments, it would serve both our youth and elderly. Think aquasizes, walking track, hot tubs, swimming lessons, ice skating and a therapeutic warm “day at the beach” in the middle of an Alberta winter) in a super complex that would generate important extra use—and become a magnet for the town. Land near the fire hall is being considered but that won’t leave near enough room for future expansion—and at eight tenths of one kilometre from the front doors of one of the local schools to use the building there, it may become a bussing issue anyway for school students to travel there (due to walking time both ways). The important connected Hillcrest plan would be only two tenths of one kilometre further. Yet some point out that there would need to be a water and sewer system upgrade to allow such an opportunity. Yes, it will cost many extra dollars, but for the sake of the long term viability of our community a way can—and should be found. It is a golden opportunity.

• A farewell to Alberta’s first century in confederation as we continue to flex economic muscle on the world stage.

• Time for reflection and quiet thinking.

• A Merry Christmas and a joyful and prosperous New Year for you.

• Joy over the birth of Christ over two millenniums ago.

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Sounds of Music Ring at Prairie Hall
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M.D. Council Approves $15 Million Budget
• $2 Million for Rec. Facility • More Fire Dept. Equipment • Hughes Director of Public Works
Full story in December 21 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "What Does Christmas Mean to You?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Rev. Joselito Cantal, Pastor Andy Wiebe, Pastor Bob Cottrill, Rev. Jung-Hyun Shin, and Pastor Laverne Hoveland.
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