This Spells Enjoyment
A panel of judges including Lucie Trutnau (left) and principal of Provost Public School, Dave Brecht get ready to hear another answer at a spelling bee held Tuesday night, February 1 in the gym. Thirty-one students from Grades 5 to 8 competed and the last one standing was Ashley Southoff who will be tested further in spelling to see if she advances. ©Provost News Photo. Print edition in February 9 edition of The Provost News.
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Agricultural Land Base Depletion ‘Alarming’
. . . Says Surface Rights Consultant
A consultant from Warburg said at the annual meeting of the Surface Rights Society No. 52 that “Our agricultural land base is depleting at an alarming rate—adding that many problems begin with land acquisitions and inadequate understanding of agriculture by landmen.”

An audience heard the remarks in the Cadogan Hall on Thursday afternoon, February 3 when 35 people were present.

The surface rights guest speaker Karl Zajes says problem is compounded, as many landowners who are approached for the first time lack the knowledge to properly assess the serious impact that oil and gas development will have on their farming future. Most contracts and lease agreements are made by oil and gas companies to protect their rights and look after their interests and it is only after the fact that many landowners realize that what they signed was not in their best interests, said the speaker.

Zajes also discussed surface and geophysical leases and provided information that could be included with leases to protect landowners.

He noted that property values decrease due to the closeness of sweet or sour gas wells and flares as harmful emissions can be by-products of production. He mentioned the easements and caveats on pipelines and cautioned landowners to work together collectively to benefit all. It is important, he added, that all equipment used on sites and roadways be properly cleaned to prevent the spread of noxious weeds which pollute the land.

Spills and leaks can take valuable land out of production and are expensive to clean up, the audience heard. Landowners should not be in a hurry to sign documents pertaining to abandonment of wells until they are sure land has been restored to the original state said Zajes, adding that environmental contamination of sites can go undetected for 10 years and often prohibits land being used as bank security for financial transactions.

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Murder Charge Bail Hearing Moved
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Taekowndo Athletes Win Medals in Memorial Tournament
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Street Spokesman
This week we asked: "It’s Alberta’s Centennial. How Can We Celebrate?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Jennifer Rasmussen, Brian Kemp, Trevor Shaver, Trina Heck and Ed Oxamitny.
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