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Bodo Archaeological Society to Unveil Video
CD With Other Group Says New President

Plans are continuing to develop the Bodo archeological dig with a marketing tool that will soon be unveiled says the new president of the Bodo Archaeological Society.

Kim Larson was elected president of the archaeological society at its annual meeting in Bodo on Thursday night.

Past president Rich Holmes who stays on as a director was named president in October 2003.

Larson said in an interview that the group has a special gala event that it is co-hosting with a similar group in Wainwright.

The Bodo group and the newly-formed Wainwright Buffalo National Park Interpretive Centre (WBNPIC) are hosting the supper and special 12 minute custom-made video presentation February 12 in Wainwright. Some local councillors are also expected to see the video unveiled and it will be used for marketing and tourism in the area.

That night a feasibility study will also be presented by a firm hired called Exceleration Corp. of Calgary.

The study of both the Bodo and Wainwright areas had been underway since several MLAs visited the Bodo site in June. Copies of the video will be pressed into CDs and sent to tourist agencies, government officials and the University of Alberta (to aid in funding requests) and even overseas. Working on funding with the U of A is Dr. Terry Gibson (who discovered the Bodo site) and archeologist Beth May.
Gibson is developing a theory of the early life of natives in the Bodo area. In the meantime he is also planning another university school at Bodo this summer.

At the gala affair it’s expected that the hired corporation will suggest the potential of numbers of tourist visits to the general area including the Bodo dig site.

The CD video will be owned by the Bodo Archaeological Society and the WBNPIC.

Larson, who is also a member of the WBNPIC says that the two groups are different with different ideas yet they compliment each other.

The Wainwright group is telling a story of the early years of the buffalo in the area as well as the evolution of a prisoner of war camp and its evolution to the current military base.

Wainwright was the sixth national park in Canada that featured vanishing buffalo in the early years. A Montana rancher had one of the last 100 buffalo left in North America and the United States government offered to buy them for $25 per head but the owner refused; the Canadian government offered $245 each so those animals went to Wainwright. The park project then felt the impact of overgrazing and disease so slaughtering took place and the remainder of the bison herd went to Elk Island National Park.

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