Chauvin, Alberta, located on the main CN Railway Line is an active community of 321 people, serviced by a variety of organizations including the Elks, and the Royal Purple. Mayor Mark Opseth governs the village with 4 other councillors. The photo shown left is of the World's Largest Softball, while picture right shows part of Dr. Folkin's School that underwent an extensive upgrade. The village was incorporated in 1912 and the area caught the interest of the oil industry in 1926. Since that time, there has been oil activity up to the present day with Talisman Energy Inc., a leading employer situated just south of Chauvin. To the west is Edgerton, Alberta; to the south is Provost; to the north is Lloydminster; and to Chauvin's east is Salt Lake while nearby also is Dilberry Lake Provincial Park.
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