Macklin, Sask. is Provost’s nearest neighbour in Saskatchewan to the east and features a new curling rink, arena, health facility (shown here), as well a brand new medical building was completed in 2005.

Middle left shows part of Macklin’s Main Street while bottom is the new town office. Grain elevators (above, right) served Macklin area producers for decades but have now vanished into the history books. The community is well known for its annual World Bunnock "Bones" Championship tournament that draws hundreds of teams to participate every summer, usually the long weekend in early August.
The population of Macklin is almost 1,500 people.

In walking distance is Macklin Lake Regional Park that features golf and camping facilities. The town is served by a modern school with approximately 450 students.

Macklin, famous for its hockey teams over the years was incorporated as a Village in 1909 and as a town in 1912. Macklin was named for an executive of the Winnipeg Free Press, Harry Macklin, who was following the railway construction and reporting for his paper. The naming of streets in the new community followed this theme and were named for famous newspapers of that time. Names include Herald, Times, Tribune and many others more recently including the local Macklin Mirror.

Near-by is the Village of Evesham, Sask. just to the north east of Macklin.

Senlac, with a population of 90 people, is located farther north of Macklin, near Suffern Lake and Dilberry Lake—and just east of the Eye Hill Creek. It was incorporated as a village in 1916 and is named after Senlac Hill in England, where the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066. Names of the streets and avenues, such as Hasting Drive, allude to that English theme.

The Village of Primate can be found 11 km. south east of Macklin, on Highway 31. Primate has a population of 85 and was incorporated as a village in 1922. The word primate comes from the Latin word Primus, meaning first.

Approximately 24 km south east of Macklin, on Highway 31 the Village of Denzil with a population of 237 can be found. It was incorporated in 1911. Denzil got its name from A. F. Olson, an early settler who assisted CPR officials. Acknowledging his help, CPR representatives decided to name the village after his eldest son, Ansel. But because of a misunderstanding, the village was named Denzil.

The Town of Luseland is 55 km south east of Macklin on Highway 31. According to records Luse Land and Development Co. of St. Paul, Minnesota acquired 100,000 acres of land from the commission of Dominion Lands. The Town later took the name of the company as its own and by 1910 Luseland had over 100 citizens. It now has over 600 residents.
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