Richard Holmes

Rich is managing editor of The Provost News and is past president of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association and is currently a director of AWNA and a director of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA).

Heather Allen

Heather keeps our accounting straight, is helpful with customers and looks after most proofing and printing orders.

Ruth Holmes

Ruth spends most of the
time designing high-quality, professional ads for our
customers as she is an expert in
Quark XPress and Photoshop.

Brett Holmes

Brett wrapped up his Economics/Management degrees and is back in Provost working at The Provost News. He composes ads, news and webpages and does whatever else needs to be done.
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Ty Pography

Ty was born not too many years ago and is always cheerful at parades and other events that he attends on occasion.
If you see Ty, be sure to come up to him and shake his hand.

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