Ribstone Colony Teacher Earns Provincial Award
Ribstone Colony teacher Marcia Degenhardt who has been teaching for 18 years has been awarded an “Outstanding Colony Teacher” award at a conference in Medicine Hat on Thursday, May 24.

She is the only teacher at the colony school north and west of Provost where she and an aide look after 23 students from Kindergarten to Grade 9.

Degenhardt told The News that “once they announced my name I was in a state of shock.” She and divisional principal Wayne Arnold were at the conference with approximately 200 other teachers.
The Edgerton woman, who is in her 40s attributes part of her win to maintaining strict discipline and respect in the classroom. “Learning can be fun” but she now has a “reputation for being pretty strict.”

The Buffalo Trail Region teacher has taught at Ribstone colony for three years.

Teaching at the colony in the first place was something she had never done and “it sounded like a new challenge.” She adds that she has a German nationality background so thought she would be somewhat familiar with the beliefs and habits of the people living on the colony.

Two awards were given out to colony teachers and two awards were given out to aides in colonies across the province.

Arnold said that he was “particularly pleased for her as the nomination comes directly from the colony. Quite clearly Ribstone Colony thinks very highly of her.”

Degenhardt was back in the classroom on Monday morning.

She took home a wall plaque and gift certificates.

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At the Hutterite colony children have an hour of German class in the morning taught by a resident before she gets them and an hour of German after regular school classes.
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