Potential for More Seed Cleaning With New Plant
$1.25 Million Operation Officially Opens

A new seed cleaning plant was officially proclaimed open by board chairman Ken Paulgaard on Thursday afternoon, November 1 two miles east of Provost.
The Provost Seed Cleaning Plant marked the event with over 60 people attending and several of them addressing the crowd offering well wishes.

Paulgaard introduced his board that includes directors Jim Cromarty (vice-president), Dan Paulgaard, Lloyd Thunberg, Harry Nickel and Floyd Johnston.

Mayor Ken Knox said that
although he would have preferred the new facility in the town limits noted that it was a “very much needed facility” and offered his congratulations.

Chairman Paulgaard pointed out that there was no money received from the provincial government for this project that cost (including taxes) $1,250,000.

MLA Robert Fischer said that because there are other private seed plants in Alberta the government decided to stop funding the operations.

“You folks have done a wonderful job” on the new building added Fischer. He brought greetings from the province and said that “We know how valuable the seed cleaning business is in Alberta.” He said also that the people of the area have a great grain growing country and a great vision.

It was noted that the M.D. of Provost put in $250,000 towards the new
Farmers and others took in coffee and doughnuts immediately after a ribbon cutting and then looked at the building and equipment at the new seed cleaning plant after it was officially opened just east of Provost on Thursday afternoon. Photo left shows the outside of the structure on November 1.
©Provost News Photo.

seed cleaning project. Deputy reeve of Provost M.D. 52, Tom Schneider offered congratulations to the board “on a fine job done.” He praised the designers as well for the wide area to drive his truck in so he would not bang his mirrors on the wall.

President of the Association of Alberta Co-op Seed Cleaning Plants Ltd., Keith Johnson of Wainwright said that there is a lot of potential for increasing business at this plant because of its situation so close to Saskatchewan.

The old plant just north of town cleaned on average 450,000 bushels of seed per year says Paulgaard, adding that the new plant could handle an additional 100,000 bushels.
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August 12, 1944
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November 15, 1944
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