Extra Funding for New Gym at P.P.S. Requested
A request for extra cash for a brand new gym is being made to the provincial government for Provost Public School instead of renovating the existing gym as originally planned.

Buffalo Trail Regional Division 28 trustee Ches Spornitz says that the original request of just over $3 million has been granted and the general upgrade and addition previously announced is scheduled to go ahead with tenders possibly going out this fall for construction to begin in 2002.

But Spornitz says that it would make more sense to build a new gym rather than remodeling the existing one as was originally planned

That plan (see PN April 25) included building four new classrooms, enlarging the gym and building a new, smaller gym. The present gym has been utilized at a rate of 175 percent, said principal Bob Hawriliuk in the spring.

The trustee points out that there are problems with seating along the sides of the gym because there is not enough room. With a new gym there would be proper seating and stands that could also be set up to watch events. It would be a full “two station gym.”

Under changes wanted, the existing gym would become a library area and band room—while the community wants to put in a squash court, adds Spornitz. The money for the squash court would have to be paid for by the community.

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The Village of Hughenden has a bright new decoration to greet people into the community, thanks to the efforts of artist Ed Larson, left who lives nearby. Right is a village councillor, Dave Symington who also stood in the rain when this picture was taken. The brown eyed susan is made out of metal, with the main yellow and green area constructed out of a rubber tire while the centre eye is made of fiberglass. Larson told The News that it took him one winter to make and he recently turned it over to the village. Jeanette Spornitz and students Melissa Manning and Tyler Larson painted the new decoration. ©Provost News Photo.

Proposed By-law Will Require House Numbers to be Displayed
Following is a condensed summary of Town of Provost business from the September 13 meeting.

Council approved sale of one downtown commercial lot (between Cazes and Silvercrest) as well as three residential lots.

Council gave first reading to bylaw 8/2001 to require a civic address (house number) be displayed on all residences in Provost. Chief administrative officer for the town of Provost told The News that the bylaw is a fire and policing issue. He says that in emergency some people may not be able to find a particular house.

Council declined to lease a manufactured home residential lot.

Two industrial lots will be leased.
Council declined to provide a cash donation to the Provost and District Museum. Support by way of provision of land has already been provided.

Larry Sirman representing Utilicorp Networks Canada Ltd. met with council to discuss electrical deregulation and the electrical franchise agreement.

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Men work on the south side of Dr. Folkins School in Chauvin during an upgrade. The two men on top are shown preparing a surface during a stippling operation. ©Provost News Photo.

M.D. Council Observes Silence, Sends $1,000 to American Red Cross
The regular meeting of the Municipal District of Provost No. 52 for September was held Thursday, September 13, with all councillors present except for B. Mercereau.

Following is an unapproved summary of the meeting.

A moment of silence at 10 a.m. was observed for all the victims affected by the terrorist attacks on America that happened on Tuesday, September 11. Thousands of people died in four plane crashes. Two of them smashed into the twin 110 World Trade Centre towers in New York City.

Council authorized the following:

To contribute $1,000 to the Red Cross American aid on behalf of the residents of the M.D. of Provost.

To invite tenders from parties interested in performing motor grader road maintenance and snow plowing within the M.D. of Provost No. 52 from November 1/01 to October 31/02. Tender deadline will be Wednesday, October 10 at 12 noon.

To contract GPEC Consulting Ltd. to proceed with No. 1 preliminary engineering —site visit and report and No. 2 detailed design and specifications as per their mechanical engineering proposal for the Provost and Hughenden shop ventilation system upgrades. Estimated cost will be $6,400.

To give the administrator, assistant administrator, assessor, utilities/development officer, special constable, public works superintendents, janitor, office assistants I, II, III, Ag. fieldman and pest control officer a one percent wage increase effective November 1.

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