Intense Wind Blows Roof Off Downtown Building
A very intense wind blew the roof off of the SAAN store in downtown Provost on Saturday night.

The freak wind is believed to have hit the building between 7:30 and 7:45 p.m. on September 1, lifting the roof and blowing it south onto a parking lot right behind the building, by the CPR tracks.

There were no injuries.

The roof had been added overtop of the original roof three or four years ago to stop water from leaking into the building.

Owner of the building Tim McNalley
told The News on Saturday night that the roof at the time of construction cost $60,000 to install.

Insurance agent and common law wife of McNalley, Carrie James said that the building was engineered correctly. She expressed relief that no one was injured and added that it could have been bad if a train was going by.
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Mike Skinner combines wheat and then augers it into trucks approximately nine miles north of Hayter as the sun quickly sinks on a 12 or 13 hour harvest work day. Another combine is operated by son Bryan while son-in-law Craig Mailer juggles three trucks taking the grain to bins. This field—one of the least productive out of 3,000 acres planted by Skinner Bros. Dairy Farm Ltd. because of a lack of rainfall—was averaging about 30 bushels per acre. Although this crop yielded very little straw for bales it might make a number 1 grading. Mike also reports that since he missed a strip in the field when planting he recently discovered a crack in the earth up to 50 feet long and as wide as his arm—formed because of the intense heat this summer. He does not know how deep the crack goes. If there are no breakdowns or rain the family expects to be done harvesting this weekend. ©Provost News Photo.

Teachers Hired for New Term
Teachers hired for the 2001/2002 school year include:

Provost Public School

Cindy Pylypow and Cheryl Bouma, kindergarten; Pauline Christensen and Rita Walz, Grade 1; Shirleen Boutcher, Patti Gette and Myrna Southoff, Grade 2; Stacy Brouwer and Tracy Moncrieff, Grade 3; Gregg Pitcher,
Grade 3/4; Lois Johnson, Grade 4; Maryanne Oxamitny, Grade 4 and music; Bea Weatherly, Grade 5; Linsay Bobesko, Grade 5/6; Vern Tessman and Theresa Brokofsky, Grade 6; Anita Lawes, special education; Marion Leithead, home ec. and junior high science; Celeste Matovich, band and junior high social studies; Colleen Kilkus, senior sciences; Sherrilyn Pahlke, special education; Meridith Lovell, calm and youth internship; Maureen Fossen, junior high language arts; Lucie Trutnau, senior high language arts; Brock Bartlett, senior high social studies; Doug Page and Tom Degenstien, CST; Pat Vaughan, junior high math; Brad Wagner, physical education; Brad Pylypow, vice-principal; and Bob Hawriliuk, principal.

St. Thomas Aquinas School

Natasja Matagora, kindergarten; Geralynn Fleck, Grade 1; Kerry Drader, Grade 2; Suzan Breunig and Nancy Baker, Grade 3; Bev Yeo, Grade 4; Elaine Willette-Larsen, Grade 5; Sheldon Tameling, Grade 6; Sheila Koch, resource room; Brent Appel, Theresa Page, Brad Cosgrove and Dwayne Coffey, junior/senior high; Fran Stang, junior high; Tylene Appel, senior high; Frances Stang, junior/senior high/vice principal; Jean McClean, principal/ elementary; Cheryl Gramlich, Teresa Elliott, Tara Ference and Maureen Harrison, teacher assistants.

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